SACT South Administration and Counseling Center

SACT houses South administration, advising and couseling center.

5301 Campus Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts have Power! Our daily thoughts can create mental barriers and roadblocks that often times interfere with our ambitions and goals inhibiting our...

3/6 1pm
Emotions: What are they and how do I deal with them?

Does it ever feel like your emotions are controlling you? Come to this workshop and discover how to identify, regulate and express your emotions in helpful...

3/8 5:30pm
Healthy Relationships

A healthy adult relationship is one where both people mutually give and receive. There is a safe, honest, and open exchange of communication regarding...

4/11 1pm
Keep Calm and Practice Self-Care

Does your list of things to do today include taking care of you? Self-care should be a priority, not a luxury. Come learn the most common areas of...

4/17 3am
“Me Too” Increasing Self-Esteem

Many times we are our own worst critics. We will explore how thoughts, expectations and experiences reinforce negative ideas, and provide strategies to...

4/26 5:30pm

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