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Tuesday, January 31

Dana Ferrera's Painting I Class Exhibition

We hope you'll join us for a student exhibition of artwork from Professor Dana Ferrara's Fall 2022 Painting I class.

A picture of a piece of art from the Shelter In Place Exhibit.

Shelter in Place is an immersive environment initially created by Adam W. McKinney that deconstructs elements of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot to inquire into...

an original piece of artwork that has very large cartoon eyes, and a large, open cartoon mouth.

TCC Southeast Art Corridor Gallery and guest curators are proud to present the exhibition "Who We Are". This is a group exhibition that features the works...

Trinity River Campus Photo

Fort Worth is known as the city “Where the West Begins” and a core group of cowboy culture is widely celebrated. This speaker series is wanting to focus on...

Words inside the shape of the lightbulb with the main focus/largest word being "Careers". Other words are: Action, jobs, idea, finance, time, vision, future, promotion, brand, education, creativity, quality, innovation, date, and more.

Learn what it takes to survive career snafus, make bold career choices, adapt to your work and social surroundings, evaluate risk and develop skills...

STI Testing written at the top of a clip art image of a clipboard.

Free and confidential STI Testing provided by AIDS Outreach Center. You must be 18 years old or older to participate. No appointment necessary. This event...

Workshop written on a strip of paper pinned to a bulletin board.

In this workshop, you will: Learn specific time management strategies to achieve goalsUnderstand the relationship between goals and time management

DeVry University

Christopher Myrben of DeVry University of Texas Wesleyan University will be on the Northeast campus to answer questions you have about transferring to DeVry...

Texas Wesleyan University

Bertie Gardner of Texas Wesleyan University will be on the Northeast campus to answer questions you have about transferring to Texas Wesleyan University.

Animated picture of a cat holding a book with a goldfish on the cover.

Join us for a fun-filled Game Break. We'll play Smash Brothers and MarioKart!

Transfer 101

Want to know the basic information about how to transfer? This session is great for those students with less than 24-credits or if you are exploring. During...

Tuesday, January 31