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Northeast Campus Student Activities gives students the chance to network, get involved in the community, and meet fellow students with similar interests by hosting events around campus.

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Stop by the NTAB lobby for free hot chocolate, tea, and coffee!

1/25 9am
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Test anxiety: What is it? Recognize possible symptoms and identify how to work through it.

1/27 5:30pm
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Join us as we discuss how to overcome our own perceptions and bias to build relationships with people unlike ourselves. Free pizza for program attendees!

1/28 12:30pm
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Come for a fun-filled workshop that will outline how to succeed in college, smart goals to have, and what it means to start on track and finish the race.

1/29 12pm
Club Rush

Come check out the Northeast Campus' Student Organizations. Free cotton candy, popcorn, and more.

1/29 12:30pm

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