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The Power of Positive Thinking

Learn how changing the way we think improves our daily lives.

Increasing Self-Esteem

This workshop will explore what self-esteem is, its usefulness, and provide strategies to change how you see yourself.

Colleges of Education Day

Attention future teachers! What are your academic plans after TCC? Which university is best for you? How will you earn your certification? TCC South Campus...

Leadership and Beyond Program and Luncheon

Leadership & Beyond is a development program for high achieving, self-directed, and motivated young high-school aged women that aims to recognize, develop,...

Healthy Relationships

Explore the essential components necessary to develop healthy relationships.

Spring Fest

Come celebrate Earth Day with the Office of Student Activities, our recognized student organizations and our campus departments!

Pizza with the Prez

Come be a part of the South Campus community! Join us for an afternoon open forum where President Jordan will be addressing students and taking questions...

Art Exhibit- Lauren Cross

The event will be an exhibition of new multimedia work created with TCC students during the Fall 2018 semester.

Film Event- Film & Language Collaborative Event – Cultural Film Series

The Film program will present The Intouchables. Professor Floreen Henry will be introducing the film and lead a short post viewing discussion. This...

SMC Unity Summit

Bridging the gap through dialogue and action. A panel discussion/conversation, focusing on the 3 pillars of our society: community , education, law and...