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Fall University Transfer Fest

For new, current and graduating students, encouraging to meet admissions reps, learn about degree programs, admissions and scholarship requirements

The History of Witchcraft and Witch Trials

Yvonne Jocks, novelist and TCCD instructor of English, will discuss the history of witchcraft and witch trials with an emphasis on Great Britain.

Stressed About Stress

This interactive workshop will help students with basic stress management.

Registration Kick Off

This event encourages early registration for the Spring 2020 semester and makes students aware student support services that may be helpful on their path to...

Go Purple! TCC Take a stand against domestic violence

Domestic violence takes on many forms and recognizing it is critical if we are to take action to address and prevent it. Each year, over 100 Texas women lose...

Got Consent? Promoting Consensual Interactions

The objective for this training is to increase understanding of how consent is gained. Attendees will learn about the influence of others on our personal...

It’s On Us! To Prevent Sexual Assault

The D.A.S.H.H. Prevention Squad is kicking off the “It’s On Us” campaign on our campus! This is a cultural movement designed to change the way we think and...

Effective Self Advising

Come and learn about general advising and the proper techniques for self-advising. This includes pulling your degree audit, how your grade point average...

Alcohol Jeopardy

This interactive Jeopardy-style program familiarizes TCC students with lower risk drinking behaviors and alcohol issues such as Alcohol and the Brain,...

Learn How to Learn

Need to improve your grades? Want to increase your GPA? LevelUp to discover hidden classroom secrets and transform your academic experience