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Trinity River Events

Thursday, September 15


Started in 2013, The Smithsonian Transcription Center is a freely accessible website that connects volunteers across the world with Smithsonian collections....

Virtual Event
Trinity River Campus Photo

Join us at the Trinity River Campus and meet your Campus President and other campus leaders. Discuss the different ways you can be a leader. Learn how you...

Panamanian art of mola textile

Come learn about the Panamanian art of mola textile. Participants will have the chance to make their own mola art while enjoying music from a live...

Workshop written on a strip of paper pinned to a bulletin board.

In this workshop, you will learn to: Identify common types of study tasks assigned in a college classDevelop strategies to help you study effectively

Department of the Air Force. United States of America. This image has the Air Force seal on it.

Join us as we celebrate the 75th birthday of the U.S. Air Force. Learn about impactful moments in U.S. military history from an Air Force veteran. Learn what...

Thursday, September 15